1954 The start of Verhoef Elektrotechniek located at the Rivierdijk in Sliedrecht.

1954 Move to another location (A.W. de Landgraafstraat) because of a lack of workspace, a former bakery is modified such to serve as a workshop.

1995 Takeover of the company Gort Elektro. Until that period, Verhoef was mainly active in the shipping industry. This overtake made a change, because the main activities of Gort Elektro focuses on the industry, utility and private clients.

1998 The property down the Industrieweg is bought. Looking ahead to the future a large business premises is realized.

1999 Move into the property at the Industrieweg, the current location.

2002 A strong partner is found in Bakker Sliedrecht.

2012 Verhoef Elektrotechniek becomes part of PON.

2017 Verhoef and EMC join forces and become Verhoef EMC.

2021 Takeover by the Stokvis Group to increase its expertise in the field of hybrid drive systems, electrical installations and services. This applies in particular to ADS van STIGT, another subsidiary of the Stokvis Group. Together, the sister companies offer a complete range of drive, operating and control systems for the maritime sector or industry.

  • Verhoef Elektrotechniek
  • Verhoef Elektrotechniek
  • Verhoef Elektrotechniek